Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

Provision and management of care and support for patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) requires a multidisciplinary and multifaceted effort across settings for which multiple challenges remain, partly caused by existing fractures in systems and service delivery. On same time, health and care systems in Europe have been moving towards a more integrated approach of care service delivery over recent years. INCAREHEART will jointly procure R&D services to shape an ICT-enabled integrated care solution supporting the implementation of a comprehensive multidisciplinary and cross-organisational care and support model for people living with CHF across a fully integrated patient pathway.

INCAREHEART Target Groups include patients belonging mostly to the ACC/AHA Stage B – NYHA Class I, ACC/AHA Stage C – NYHA Class II and ACC/AHA Stage C – NYHA Class III. Family carers, health and care professionals and decision makers are also taken into account.

The Key characteristics of the expected solution are divided into three categories:

Early detection and secondary prevention

  • Module for comprehensive results sharing and review
  • Remote monitoring
  • ICT-enabled patient education
  • Personalised self-assessment tools
  • ACP digital directory


Care, treatment   and   follow-up

  • Digital discharge pathway
  • MDT “Situation reports”
  • Remote support, messaging, virtual visits, virtual assistant
  • Patient-facing module (e.g. for SCP, medication summary)
  • Wearables integration
  • MDT decision support

Living with Chronic Heart Failure at home

  • Adherence feedback
  • ePREMs and ePROMs collection
  • Remote exercising/ Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Integrated low-cost monitoring system

The “CareCardia” consortium is one of the consortiums invited to proceed to the first Phase of this PCP.  CareCardia solution is powered by eHealthPass , a platform that builds an ecosystem  facilitating  patient-doctor collaboration, fostering health data management and supporting family health and diseases management. The CareCardia prototype will integrate validated components and tools from all the consortium members, referring to physical exercise, polypharmacy management, gaming educational techniques, Decision Support methodologies etc. The vision of this solution is how to offer automated ways to help the mission of doctors and empower patients to a better treatment adherence, on same time.

CareCardia solution consists of a consortium of six beneficiaries lead by Gnomon Informatics SA: Gnomon, Lab of Medical Physics and Digital Innovation – AUTh, FORTH, Promptly, ERC and Datawizard. All the participants have wide experience in digitally transforming the medicine and healthcare. The consortium is also supported by a Medical Advisory Board managed by Professor Vasisilios  P Vassilikos and mr. Konstantinos Bakogiannis.

Contact Person:

Apostolia Karabatea
Project Manager
+30 210 7001635
[email protected]

CareCardia is being procured for and by INCAREHEART, an EU project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under grant agreement No 965134. The EU has given a grant for this procurement but is not participating as a contracting authority in the procurement